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Welcome to Earth Class...Welcome to Earth Class...


Welcome to Reception and Little


We are a Foundation Stage Unit, with both Reception and Pre-school

in our setting. Our Little Stars Pre-school children are in the setting

during the mornings, until 12. They have the option to stay for Lunch

Club on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday until 1 o'clock.


Our Reception children are in full-time school and start at 08:50am in

the morning. Doors will be open from 08:40am and the children are

welcome to come in as they arrive. School finishes at 3:15pm.


We have three members of staff who work in our Early Years Unit;

Miss Mason the class teacher, Miss Gipson the Pre-school

Practitioner, Mrs Pitts the classroom assistant.


Welcome to Earth Class Booklet - Here is a booklet outlining the day

to day running of Earth Class and any important information that you

may need to know throughout the year. Earth Class children have

been sent home with a copy of this booklet, alongside a copy of our

visual timetable.


Curriculum Overview -  Here is the overview of what we will be

learning in Earth Class. We are a school that mixed year group

classes and therefore follow a two year rolling plan. 

Spring Term 2018

 Sports Relief Week!

We have chosen to explore Sports Relief week

by focusing on healthy living. We created a diagram to show our

current understanding of a healthy lifestyle and then added some

questions and ideas that we wanted to explore further. Here are

some of the activities we took part in this week.

Hydration Happiness

We explored the importance of drinking lots of water. We learnt that

as children we have to drink 1 litre of water a day. Miss Mason

showed us a litre bottle of water and we discovered this equates to 6

snack cups a day. After that we played a relay game to explore this

concept, taking it in turn to fill up a sponge with water and run to

squeeze it into cups. The first team to fill up 6 cups won!

Toothbrush Art

We have been thinking about healthy habits and the importance of

cleaning our teeth. After a class discussion we decided to take part in

some process art; using a toothbrush and toothpaste we painted a

picture representing what we have learnt about teeth!

Parachute Play!

We continued to look at healthy lifestyles, thinking about how

important it is to exercise, have fun and be happy. We decided to

take part in some parachute games to encourage activity and

laughter. The children thoroughly enjoyed playing some different

games and they can't wait to play with the parachute again.

Cooking Activities...

As part of our focus on healthy living this

week, we chopped up some exciting fruit

and made fruit kebabs for healthy snack!

We then had to choose our own healthy

snack out of fruit kebabs, cheese and

pineapple sticks, vegetables, chocolate

biscuits and crisps.


Please Remember!

Thursday: P.E                      

(Please remember your P.E kits)


Useful Documents

Check back for some useful documents

to help you out during your time in Earth



Phonics Leaflet

Phonics Letter Sounds

How to Support Phonics in Preschool 

Rapid Recall Facts Practise Sheet

Parents' Calculation Guide

Meet the Teacher Presentation

Baby Bunnies

As part of our exploration of New Life

relating to Easter and in preparation for

our new topic Living Things, Miss

Gipson kindly bought in her baby rabbits

for Earth Class to experience. The

children loved petting the rabbits and

were very careful to take care and be

gentle. Thank you very much Miss

Gipson for this exciting and very cute


Flower Cross

This week we have been learning about

the importance of Easter and how

Christians celebrate this special time.

We explored each day of the Easter

story. When thinking about Easter

Sunday, we looked into how Christian's

go to church to celebrate; we discovered

that some churches make flower crosses

to symbolise Jesus dying on the cross

and how he rose again, celebrating new

life. In Earth class we decided to make

our own flower crosses to celebrate

Easter. We were very lucky that Mrs

Lowe then used our Easter cross for the

Easter Sunday service in church.