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Welcome to Earth Class...Welcome to Earth Class...


Welcome to Reception and Little


We are a Foundation Stage Unit, with both Reception and Pre-school

in our setting. Our Little Stars Pre-school children are in the setting

during the mornings, until 12. They have the option to stay for Lunch

Club on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday until 1 o'clock.


Our Reception children are in full-time school and start at 08:50am in

the morning. Doors will be open from 08:40am and the children are

welcome to come in as they arrive. School finishes at 3:15pm.


We have three members of staff who work in our Early Years Unit;

Miss Mason the class teacher, Miss Gipson the Pre-school

Practitioner, Mrs Pitts the classroom assistant.


Welcome to Earth Class Booklet - Here is a booklet outlining the day

to day running of Earth Class and any important information that you

may need to know throughout the year. Earth Class children have

been sent home with a copy of this booklet, alongside a copy of our

visual timetable.


Curriculum Overview -  Here is the overview of what we will be

learning in Earth Class. We are a school that mixed year group

classes and therefore follow a two year rolling plan. 

Spring Term 2018

This term we will be looking at Traditional Tales. To kick-start our

topic the children created a plan of the stories that they would like to

investigate and some ideas of how to explore these stories. The class

decided they would like to explore The Gingerbread Man first. Here

are some of the activities that we have participated in.

Porridge Investigation

This week we have been looking at the story of Goldilocks and the

Three Bears. We decided to investigate what the class' favourite

porridge would be...Baby Bears, Mummy Bears or Daddy Bears. First

we made a prediction; then we made the three different types of

porridge and tasted it! We decided which was our favourite and made

a tally chart of our favourite. Baby Bears porridge was the class


Baking Gingerbread Men

We had a go at making our own gingerbread men and decorating

them (see cooking activity slide) After making our cookie dough we

asked Mrs Clarke to put them in the oven, being sure to make her

aware that gingerbread men are well-known for running away and

could  she please look after them. When Mrs Clarke took our

gingerbread  out  the oven they were not there! Our gingerbread men

had run away!

Lost Posters

The children decided that it would be a good idea to make some Lost

Posters to help us find our gingerbread men. The Reception children

decorated a picture of their gingerbread man and wrote some

sentences using their phonic knowledge. After making our posters,

we photocopied them and placed them around the school for other's

to see, in hope they would help us find our gingerbread men.

The Return of the Gingerbread Men

Finally our gingerbread men returned! They returned in a box

alongside a very apologetic note on a baking tray, written with icing.

We were extremely excited to have our gingerbread men back so we

could begin decorating them.

Taste Test

After having decorated our gingerbread men, we were very excited to

take part in a number of taste tests. First we had to take a bite out of

our gingerbread men and record where we had taken our first bite.

Most of us took a bite out of the leg! After that we explored our 5

senses by thinking about what we could see, hear, feel, smell and

taste when investigating our gingerbread men, recording our thoughts

and feelings in a flip-book.



Cooking Activities...

As part of our topic Traditional Tales, we

have been looking at The Gingerbread

Man. The children have enjoyed making

and decorating their own gingerbread



Please Remember!

Thursday: P.E                      

(Please remember your P.E kits)




Useful Documents

Check back for some useful documents

to help you out during your time in Earth



Phonics Leaflet

Phonics Letter Sounds

How to Support Phonics in Preschool 

Rapid Recall Facts Practise Sheet

Parents' Calculation Guide

Meet the Teacher Presentation


Autumn School Trip

As part of our topic for the Autumn Term,

we were looking at People Who Help Us.

We were very lucky to be able to take a

trip to the Air Ambulance Base and Fire

Station. We thoroughly enjoyed sitting in

the helicopter, meeting the pilots and

paramedics, exploring the fire engine

and squirting the hoses. We would like

to say a big "Thank You" to Essex Air

Ambulance and Hedingham Fire Station

for giving us your time and sharing your