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Jupiter Class Gallery

May 2017, St Mark's College - Residential Trip

Wow! What a wonderful trip! Well done Jupiter class on such good behaviour and team spirit. Everyone had such a fabulous time. The activities that we enjoyed were: a treasure hunt, archery, an assault course, an African drumming workshop, heraldry (shield painting) and big game inflatables in it's a knockout style. The food was great and many people tried and enjoyed something new. Another big hit was the Tudor banquet where we enjoyed eating our dinner off a bread plate with our fingers which we wiped on a napkin which we stored on our shoulders Tudor style.

March 2017 The Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge

An enjoyable day was had by Jupiter class discovering the ancient Egyptian artefacts at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge. Amongst out favourite objects were Rameses III Sarcophagus, canopic jars and a mummified person, cat, crocodile and falcon. During the afternoon we viewed the artwork in the upstairs art galleries and spent some time practising our sketching skills in the armouries. It was a fantastic day out.

November 2016 Roman Food Tasting

We had an enjoyable afternoon discovering which foods the Romans brought to Britain and trying them to see what they tasted like. The biggest favourite were the pears and cinnamon, sadly the vine leaves were not a big hit.

Family Homework & Outdoor Learning

For our family fun homework this term we researched, designed and made Roman shields. The results were very impressive and realistic, well done to everyone who helped! During our Outdoor Learning sessions we became a Roman Army, marched and made formations using our shields to Roman commands in Latin:

movete = march            consiste = stop          accelerate = hurry up  

Roman Mosaics

In art this term we have improved our printing skills by creating Roman Mosaic prints. The results were colourful and decorative.


We have used the laptops and ipads to write an information sheet about the Roman invasion in word, research Roman Gods and Goddesses to make a top trump card, label Roman soldiers & ships, write all about Bouddica and to create Newspaper report about the Roman invasion.

Autumn 2016

This term we have been learning Yoga , we have learnt to stretch our bodies and relax our minds.  Our favourite routines was the sun salutation which we became experts at.

October 2016

Jupiter class visited Colchester Castle to see for ourselves what the Romans left behind. We viewed unearthed treasures, built a round house or Roman villa, tried on costumes, had a go at chariot racing and took part in an amazing story time underneath the castle. Thank you to our Chair of Governors Mr Brian Vidler who accompanied us on the trip. A great time was had by all and the children impressed everyone with their good manners and subject knowledge. Well done!