learning, living, loving and laughing

Welcome to Mars Class


We have had a busy couple of days welcoming Year 1

children back as Year 2 and Reception class joining them

as Year 1's. 


Children have already been working hard on their English

and Maths and have also enjoyed Art and Geography



A Curriculum Map has been sent home today (Friday 8th

September as well as a 'Welcome to Mars Class'

pamphlet. You can also find copies of these to the right.

We are also looking forward to inviting you to 'Meet the

Teacher' very soon.


Children in Mars Class are taught by Mr Irvine and we

have additional support from teaching  assistants Mrs

Laidlaw, Mrs McBride and Miss Gipson.


Star of the week

Star of this week assembly is on a

Friday. Have you worked extra hard at

something you found tricky at school to

make you a star?

We have a class teddy bear who

likes to go home with children at

weekends to find out what you do

at home. Brown Bear has already

had super weekends recorded in

his books but do not see this as a


I wonder what adventure he will

have next?

Don't forget

Spellings will be sent out weekly and are

tested the following week. Practice them

three times in your book but can you find

any fun ways of practicing them

elsewhere? Perhaps in the flour when