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Welcome to Saturn Class! (Years 5 and 6)

The teachers of Saturn Class are Miss Lewis and Mrs Muggeridge

and our classroom assistant is Mrs Wright.


Lessons taught in years five and six follow the 2014 National 

Curriculum. The children learn through a topic based creative

curriculum which enables them to make sense of their learning. It is

also important that children in years five and six start to take on

responsibility for their own learning. They are encouraged to do this

with many problem solving tasks and independent research.


Our main topics this year are:

Autumn Term: Crime and Punishment

Spring Term: Ancient Greece 

Summer Term: Chocolate


This term's Learning Overview



Design and Technology - Marbulous Structures

In Design and Technology Saturn class have been looking at Marbulous Structures. Firstly we would like to thank everyone who donated toilet rolls, cardboard tubes and cereal boxes.

They started their week investigating free-standing structures and the features they required. They learnt and practiced different methods of joining, different types of bends and how to make their marble run more interesting.

By the end of the week, after many investigations and testing they created their own fabulous marble runs. Please see our photos below of their final creations which turned out really successful. Well done everyone for your hard work.

Forest School - Park Wood

As part of our Forest School the children spent two days exploring Park Wood. The children really enjoy these days creating dens, collecting firewood, playing hide and seek, building a camp fire, carving sticks to toast marshmallows, drinking hot chocolate and eating lunch in their den creations.  

These days spent in the forest encourage team building and also helps to form new friendships and strengthen existing ones. It also gives the children a great chance to use their imagination.

We even spotted a deer, a baby Muntjac and many squirrels over the two days.




Things to remember to bring to school each day:

Monday - Spelling book

Tuesday - PE kit

Wednesday - Homework

Friday - PE kit