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Cultural Days


To support the teaching of the Foundation subjects within the curriculum we have organised some cultural days; providing the children with an opportunity to experience life in different countries...




Today we were really fortunate as Jonathon's friend Peter, who is also a vicar, visited us today. Peter was born and raised in Kenya. He came to visit our school for Kenya Day, sharing pictures and stories of his home town with us. We then took part in lots of different activities. Here are some of the things that we took part in... 

We prepared and cooked a Kenyan Pea soup with Miss Mason. This is typically eaten at Harvest time. It was really yummy!

Mrs Harmer shared some African artefacts with us, that she has collected from her home town. She had recently been on safari so shared her knowledge of African animals.

For lunch we had a special Kenyan dish called Bobotie. It was a meat pie with curry spices. We ate it with yellow rice. 

We took part in some African drumming with Mrs Lowe and really enjoyed creating a beat. Our parents loved listening to us performing all we had learnt.

We learnt a Kenyan folk dance with Mrs Muggeridge with Kenyan folk music and dance moves.

With Miss Lewis we looked at some of the Kenyan necklaces. We used paper plates and cotton buds to design and make our own Kenyan necklaces.

We learnt Swahili, the main language people in Kenyan speak.


...We have invited guests in to speak about the focus countries, as well as participating in activities such as cooking, music, dance, language and art. We have split into mixed aged groupings and rotated the activities so that EVERYONE can experience EVERYTHING!...




For our China cultural day Mrs Mackay lead an assembly about what life is like in China, focusing on the school day. We watched a video about a school routine and compared the differences between our school day. We then moved into our mixed ability groups for our round robin of activities...


This time during our cooking activities we made fortune cookies! We mixed the fortune cookie mixture and placed it in the oven. While the cookies were in the oven, we had a go at writing our own fortunes to fold into the cookies.

With Mr Irvine, we used the computers to draw and write about the year of the animal we were born in. We drew the symbol in paint, copied and pasted it into word and wrote some sentences about this animal.

We took part in some Chinese music with Mrs Lowe using glockenspiels, symbols and other instruments.

We learnt some Thai Chi based around the zodiac animals with Mrs Muggeridge. The lights were dimmed and mats used to create a calm and relaxing environment.

With Miss Lewis we looked at Chinese lanterns. We cut the lanterns and then decorated them with some Chinese symbols.

We learnt how to count to 10 in Mandarin and the played some games using the language that we had learnt.


 ...After having completed our activities, we have then invited our parents in to share the things we have learnt in an assembly. Here are some of the countries we have visited so far and some of the activities we have completed.  





Before our cultural day, we were lucky enough to be joined by Orsa; a lovely vicar from Sweden. Orsa joined us for an assembly to talk about what life is like in Sweden , showing us pictures and messages from her grandchildren. At the beginning of our actual cultural day, we recapped on what we had learnt from Orsa, whilst colouring in a picture of the Swedish flag...

For our cooking activity for our cultural day, we made Swedish Orange Gingersnaps. These are a treat traditional baked and eaten during the festive period. The children really enjoyed combining the ingredients. All of the children loved eating these treats and have asked for the recipe to be put online. If you wish to make these Gingersnaps at home please click on the link below to access the recipe.

Gingersnap Recipe.

Today during a computer based activity, Mr Irvine had printed out some questions about Sweden for us to research. We had to use a search engine to find the information, after having talked about how to use the internet safely. We worked in mixed-age pairs.

If you think of Sweden, you may think of the well known Swedish pop group ABBA. During our music session we learnt how to play Mamma Mia on the glockenspiels and sing along.

For lunch we had some tradition Swedish Meatballs and a cinnamon bun. It was very yummy as you can tell by our faces!

During our dance activities on this cultural day, we learnt a dance to a song by that famous group again...ABBA! And because the weather was nice we learnt it outside. It was very energetic and we all wanted to perform it to the parents!

We learnt about the traditional dress of Sweden with Mrs Hudson and made our own Swedish dolls and clothes in mixed-age partners.

For our art activity with Mrs Lewis we looked at Dala Horses. Traditionally these were made out of wood and decorated. Today we made ours out of brightly coloured paper.

We ended the day with an assembly to show our parents all the wonderful activities we participated in. As the weather was lovely we took the assembly outside.