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Healthy Eating Week 2016 at Ridgewell Primary School

This weeks challenges are:

 * make sure you have breakfast everyday

* try to eat your five-a-day

* stay hydrated - aim to drink 8 cups of water each day 

* get active - aim for an hours activity everyday

* try something new - try a new food if you can

Monday 13th June 2016 - This morning we had a visit from Juliette Bryant who is a nutritionist. She shared some fabulous facts with the children about all the different fruits and vegetables we can use in smoothies to help us get our five-a-day. Juliette made us a super smoothie including ingredients such as kale and nettles which we tried at break time. She also made some raw chocolate 'brain food' full of essential fats which the children thought were delicious! Have a look at our slideshow below.

Tuesday 14th June - The Big Family Breakfast! What a great turnout for our first breakfast event. Children came to school with their parents to enjoy breakfast all together. We shared a lovely continental feast of fresh tropical fruit salad, yoghurts, a selection of different breads, meats and cheeses (well done to all those children who tried something new), brioche and different fruit juices.

Wednesday 15th June - Whole school day out to Audley End. We had a lovely day at Audley End exploring their kitchen gardens and finding out how and why they grow so much produce on the estate. The children were able to plant their own seeds in an eco friendly plant pot that they made themselves and take them home. A wonderful day out that we shared as a whole school.

Thursday 16th June - Get Active Day! We arranged a visit from Dan The Skipping Man to get everyone active and moving. The children learnt many new tricks and skills and lots of them were chosen to take part in the show before lunch. Clearly inspired by the visit, the playground was full of skippers during break and lunch time.