Jupiter – Year 3 & 4

Welcome to Jupiter Class!

The main teaching team in Jupiter Class is made up of Mrs Stuart, Mrs Radley, Mrs Wright and Mrs Hudson. During the week we also have PE with Mrs Muggeridge and sometimes have lessons with Mrs Lowe.

This is where you can find out about what we have been learning, our daily routines and see what Lower Key Stage 2 is all about.

Learning in Years 3 and 4

Lessons taught in years three and four follow the National Curriculum.

The subjects within the National Curriculum are English, Maths, Science, Computing, History, Geography, Art, Design, Technology (including food), Music, Physical Education, PSHE and R.E.

Year three and four children learn through topic based creative curriculum which enables them to make sense of their learning. It is also important that the children start to take responsibility for their learning. The children are encouraged to do this with problem solving tasks and independent research.

At Ridgewell Primary School forest school and outdoor learning is a huge part of the children’s learning. Jupiter are currently using our onsite forest area before they move onto a local larger forest within walking distance of the school. Please see the below gallery for pictures.

Who do we share our school forest with?

Jupiter Class (Y3-4) Autumn Overview (Being a Scientist)

During the Autumn term, our work focused on us thinking like scientists.

We investigated the science behind volcanoes and studied the discovery of fossils through the work of Mary Anning.

Jupiter Class (Y3-4) Spring Overview (Being an Historian)

Being an Historian

During the Spring term, despite working remotely, we have been thinking like historians through our work.

We have been learning about the Normans: including The Norman Conquest, understanding the features and functions of Motte and Bailey Castles, explored what happened during the Norman Invasion and studied the Bayeux Tapestry to learn more about the Battle of Hastings.