Year 1-2

Welcome to the class page for Mars class!

This is where you can find out about what we have been learning, our daily routines and see what Mars class is all about.

The teacher of Mars class is Mrs Andrews and the TAs are Mrs Laidlaw and Mrs Pitts.

Learning in Years 1 and 2

Lessons taught in years one and two follow the National Curriculum.

The subjects within the National Curriculum are as followed;

English, Science, Computing, History, Geography, Art, Design, Technology (including food), Music, Physical Education, PSHE and RE.

Toys Topic

In Design and Technology our unit of work was to design and make a toy. We spent the whole week learning different skills – sewing, using wheels and axles, making springs and moving pictures. On Thursday we designed our toy and collected all our resources. Friday was then our making day….we used some of the skills learnt earlier in the week to create our toys. It was lot’s of fun and we created some amazing toys following our plans carefully. It was great in the afternoon to go over to Saturn class and explain/play with our toys and then evaluate them.

Colchester Zoo Class Trip

Wow! What a jam-packed class trip Mars have had. Firstly they were greeted by Bluster in a Fluster (An Elf), then had a visit from Santa Claus and were finally joined by a very adorable penguin. All the children were really lucky to be able to feed the elephants and saw a wide range of animals throughout the day. To top off the day they got to ride in the zoo’s train. All the children were so well behaved and really made the most of their trip out.

Mars Class’ Recipe Book

Mars class has taken on a great task of producing a class recipe book. Over the course of the year the children will be adding to this book. They will be learning some great life skills and begin to learn about different foods and also getting to try new things. They have made an apple and blackberry crumble using blackberries from our school grounds. Next they will be preparing and making soup. Please see below the photos and watch out for regular updates.