Saturn – Year 5 & 6

Welcome to Saturn Class!

The teacher of Saturn Class is Mrs Muggeridge and our HLTA is Mrs Wright.

Lessons taught in years five and six follow the 2014 National Curriculum. The children learn through a topic based creative curriculum which enables them to make sense of their learning. It is also important that children in years five and six start to take on responsibility for their own learning. They are encouraged to do this with many problem solving tasks and independent research.

Please take a look at the tabs below to find out more about some of the interesting areas of learning we are currently focusing on.

Being a Scientist

Our main focus this term is ‘Being a Scientist’. In Saturn class, we are currently investigating ‘Properties and Changes of Materials’ and have been completing a range of tests and experiments to compare the properties of materials, find the best thermal insulators and electrical conductors. The children are able to plan and carry out their own investigations with a ‘hands on’ approach to their learning.

Funky Furnishings

In Design and Technology the children are working on a project to design and make a cushion. We have already looked at the different styles and materials of cushions around the world and also looked into the history of them. Many didn’t like the idea of having a wooden pillow to sleep on!

We have investigated different sewing methods including overhand, blanket, zig zag and running stitch and also why you would use either hidden or exposed stitching in a design.

Please see the gallery below for photos of their progress so far.