Reading & Phonics at Ridgewell

We believe that Reading is a key skill for life and strive to promote it positively at all times. Children are encouraged to read both

school reading scheme books and ‘real’ books. We recognise that support from home is vital if a child is to become a confident

reader. All children have Reading Diaries and reading at home regularly forms part of Home Learning and is a key element of our

Home School Partnership. We encourage children to participate in the School’s Library’ Summer Reading challenge’.


We don’t rely on one scheme to support learners in the reading process. We believe that all schemes have strengths but that a

variety of schemes allows us to add breadth and ensure children are supported and develop a range of strategies for reading. In

addition to the use of books we use a Word Workshop Approach for teaching High Frequency words and we use Big Cat Phonics

to support the teaching of Phonics.

Please click on the link to see a list of Schemes we use.

Useful Documents:

Here are some other documents that we feel you may find useful in supporting you child's reading at home.

Reading Schemes

Phonics Information Leaflet

Supporting Phonics at Home

Phonics Pronunciation