Lunch Menus

Essex County Catering

Our School dinners are prepared daily on site and our ingredients are sourced from local suppliers. We are supported by Essex County Catering Service who ensure our menus are nutritionally balanced.

If your child has any special dietary requirements, please can you inform us as soon as possible.

Our Allotment

The school has the benefit of a flourishing allotment that produces some wonderful fruit and vegetables.

So far we have had stuffed marrow, new potatoes, lettuce, tomatoes, rhubarb and carrots.

It is great for the children to see the whole process from seed to their plates and also gives them the opportunity to try new things.

Key Information

Meals cost £2.30 each and need to be booked through your School Money accounts.

Should you wish to share a meal with your child, meals can also be booked through your School Money account. The cost for Adults is £2.50.

If your child wishes to celebrate their birthday we can provide a homemade birthday cake at a small charge of £5.00. Children can choose some friends to share the cake with at lunchtimes. (Tables seat 8 children)

Week 1

Week 1
Macaroni Cheese & Garlic BreadChicken Korma & Naan BreadRoast Chicken with all the trimmingsSausage & MashOmega 3 Fish Fingers & Chips
Tomato Pasta Bake & Garlic BreadQuorn Meatballs in a Tomato SauceQuorn Roast with all the trimmingsLinda McCartney Sausage & MashVegetable Nuggets & Chips
Sweetcorn/Salad50/50 RiceRoast Potatoes

Seasonal Vegetables

Baked Beans or PeasPeas/Sweetcorn
Jacket Potato – Cheese & BeansJacket Potato – Tuna Mayo or BeansJacket Potato – Cheese/BeansJacket Potato – Tuna Mayo
Cheese or Ham RollHam or Tuna Mayo RollHam or Chicken RollCheese or Egg Mayo RollTuna or Ham Roll
Fruit SmoothieHomemade Fruit SaladRaspberry Ripple Arctic RollHomemade Chocolate Brownie Bites & Orange SmileHomemade Flapjack

Week 2

Week 1
Pepperoni PizzaBeef BolognaiseRoast Chicken with all the trimmingsHot Dog with tomato sauce or mustardFish Fillet & Chips
Cheese & Tomato PizzaQuorn BolognaiseQuorn Roast with all the trimmingsLinda McCartney Sausage Hotdog with sauceVegetable Burger & Chips
Tomato Pasta & SweetcornSpaghetti & Garlic BreadRoast Potatoes

Seasonal Vegetables

Pasta Salad, Coleslaw or Tomato/SweetcornBaked Beans or Peas
Jacket Potato – Cheese/BeansJacket Potato – Tuna MayoJacket Potato – Tuna MayoJacket Potato – Cheese or Beans
Cheese or Ham RollHam or Chicken RollCheese or Egg Mayo Roll
Fresh Fruit Salad100% Fruit LollyIce Cream with Chocolate or Strawberry SauceCrunchy Banana Slice & CustardPancake with Summer Fruit Compote

Week 3

Week 3
Jacket Potato with a choice of fillingsHomemade Sausage RollRoast Chicken with all the trimmingsCheesy Pizza WhirlChicken Nuggets & Chips
Jacket Potato with Quorn Chilli & CheeseLinda McCartney Sausage RollQuorn Roast with all the trimmingsQuorn Nuggets & Chips
Coleslaw & SweetcornButtery Boiled Potatoes
Baked Beans or Green Beans
Roast Potatoes

Seasonal Vegetables

Tomato Pasta
Potato Salad
Baked Beans or Sweetcorn
Jacket Potato – Tuna MayoJacket Potato – Tuna / CheeseJacket Potato – Tuna Mayo or Beans
Cheese or Ham RollHam or Tuna Mayo RollChicken or Egg RollCheese or Ham RollTuna Mayo or Egg Mayo Roll
Vanilla Iced CakeFruit Salad & CreamStrawberry Jelly & Squirty CreamChocolate Shortbread100% Fruit Lolly